Clarise Tunkin

Clarise Tunkin

Clarise est née en 1993 à Alice Springs. Elle appartient à une famille d’artistes renommés originaires de la communauté de Kanpi dans les terres d’APY (Anangu, Pitjatjantjara, Yankunytjattjara), situées à environ 500 km au sud-ouest d’Alice Springs, juste en dessous des frontières du Territoire du Nord et de l’Australie-Méridionale.

Clarise a acquis de véritables talents de peintre et elle a appris les histoires ou les rêves de son pays grâce aux aînés de sa famille et à sa mère, Teresa Baker. Son arrière grand-père, Jimmy Baker (décédé), fut l’un des premiers peintres de Kanpi. Clarise peint souvent aux côtés de sa grand-mère Kay Baker, de sa mère Teresa Baker et de sa tante Patricia Baker.



Artist Name: Clarise Tunkin

D.O.B: 1993

Birthplace: Alice Springs, NT

Language Group:  Pitjanjatjara / English

Family History:  Clarise is from a family of renowned artists that come from the community of Kanpi in the APY Lands (Anangu, Pitjatjantjara, Yankunytjattjara Lands) that lie approximately 500km’s south west of Alice Springs just under the Northern Territory and South Australian boarder.

Clarise learned her painting skills and the stories or dreamings of her country from family elders and her mother Teresa Baker. Her great grandfather Jimmy Baker (deceased) was one of the first painters from Kanpi. Clarise often paints alongside her grandmother Kay Baker, her mother Teresa Baker and her aunty Patricia Baker.

Painting/Dreamings: Clarise’s paintings are bold, vibrant and full of colour. She has a great sense of confidence in what she is representing in her works. Clarise’s paintings are titled ‘Marlilu’ which relate to the tales of a mythological being from the creation time. Clarise has inherited these stories from her elders and has visited the sacred sites with her mother in her teens. It will be her responsibility to hand these stories and traditions onto the next generation. Painting will hold an important role in keeping the culture and languages strong for generations to come.


 2016 – Finalist, Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award (NATSIAA) – collaborative piece with Teresa Baker

2015 – Finalist, Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award (NATSIAA)


2019 International Women’s Day, Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney

2018 – Clarise Tunkin Exhibition – A Magnificent APY Lands Artist, Mandel Aboriginal Art Gallery, Alphington VIC

2018 – Baker Family Exhibition, Kate Owen Gallery, Rozelle NSW

2017 – PALYA: NYAPARI NOW, Short St Gallery, Broome WA

2016 – 33rd Telstra NATSIAA, Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin, NT

2016 – Family Ties: The Next Generation, Outstation Gallery, Darwin NT

2016 – Good Together, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA