Lilly Kelly Napangardi

Lilly Kelly Napangardi

Lilly Kelly Napangardi (ou Napangati) est née dans les années 1948 à Dashwod Creek dans les territoires du Nord en Australie. Son père est Sandy Opal Lily Kelly NapangatiTjananangka et sa mère est Narputta Nungurrayi. Elle s’établit avec sa famille dans la nouvelle communauté de Papunya en 1960 où elle put suivre quelques études.


Lilly commence à peindre en assistant son mari Norman Kelly. Elle peint les motifs évoquant sa région autour de Hasst Bluff et le Mont Liebig ainsi que Papunya et Kintore.

Language Group: Pintupi/ Luritja




Art australien – Peintre aborigène d’Australie – Peinture d’Australie


Lilly Kelly Napangardi

Lilly Kelly Napangardi Napangati


Family History:  Lilly was born at Dashwood Creek near Haasts Bluff around 1948. Her Father is Sandy Opal Tjananangka, one of the original Paupuny Tula share holders and her Mother  was Narputta Nungurrayi. She moved with her family to the newly established community of Papunya in 1960 where she would have done a small amount of schooling.


Painting: Lilly began painting while assisting her husband Norman Kelly. She paints designs that relate to her country around Hassts Bluff, Mt Liebig, Papunya and Kintore. She uses fine dense dot work to create a shimmer effect which depicts the wind moving sand and the rains that bring life to the desert. Her style is typical of the artists of this region.  The paintings show the sandhills (Tali Tali). Lily’s family would travel through the sand hill country in search of water holes (Kapi) where she and her ancestors before her would have hunted and gathered food.


Selected Exhibitions:


1999 Desert Mob Show, Alice Springs

2000 Graham Marshal Gallery, Adelaide

2001 Desert Mob Show, Alice Springs

2002 Desert Mob Show, Alice Springs

2002 Telstra Awards

2003 Telstra Awards

2003 Neil Murphy Indigenous Art showing at Mary Place Gallery, Sydney

2003 Graham Marshal Gallery, Adelaide

2003 Telstra Awards; 2003 Neil Murphy Indigenous Art, Span Galleries, Melbourne

2003 Desert Mob Show, Alice Springs

2004 Neil Murphy Indigenous Art, Span Galleries, Melbourne

2004 Mary Place Gallery, Sydney

2004 Graham Marshal Gallery, Adelaide





Winner 1986 Northern Territory Art Award

Winner 2003 Telstra national Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islander Award





The National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide

Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin

National Gallery of Queensland, Brisbane

The Kerry Stokes Collection

Holmes A Court Collection, Perth

The Kelton Foundation, Santa Monica, USA

The Thomas Vroom Collection, Amsterdam, Netherlands

James Erskine Collection

Art Bank, Sydney

Mollie Gowling Acquisition Fund For Contemporary Aboriginal Art 2003

Various Corporate and Private collections around the World.