Myra Giles Napanangka

Myra Giles Napanangka

Myra Giles Napanangka est née en janvier 1970 dans la région de Mutujulu. Elle est la fille d’Esther Giles Nampitjinpa et la nièce de Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa (deceased) et de Tjawina Porter Nampitjinpa, toutes des artistes très connues et reconnues de leur communauté. Myra est en étroite connexion avec les paysages de sa région et elle est à ce jour l’une des gardienne en charge de transmettre les rêves de ses ancêtres et de sa région.

Myra peint les rêves hérités de sa mère et de son père sur les sites de Yumara Punkilpirri et Tjalili


Myra Giles Napanangka

Myra Giles Napanangka



Region: Mutujulu

Language / Tribal Group: Ngaatjatjarra, and Pintupi/Luritja

Historical: Myra  is the daughter of Esther Giles Nampitjinpa and niece to Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa (deceased) and Tjawina Porter Nampitjinpa, all of whom are very well known artists and respected elders of their community. Myra has a very strong connection to her country and she is now one of the senior custodians of the stories and mythology which describe the creation time of her ancestors and the landscape which surrounds her homelands. It is now Myra’s responsibility to pass of this knowledge to the next generations, keeping language, song, dancing and lore strong for the future.

Painting: Myra paints her mother’s and father’s dreaming, the sites of Yumara, Punkilpirri and Tjalili.


Myra often paints in monochromatic tones, black and white or red and white.


The wave like patterns create the classic shimmer effect of the continually shifting landscapes, the heat haze over the desert floor. The movement also reflects the life of a nomad, forever moving following the rain clouds for fresh water, gathering and hunting food until the ground is cleaned before leaving the country to replenish and traveling to new locations that provides sustenance for the coming weeks or months.


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