Puturlu Jukurrpa

Ryan Japangardi Woods

Acrylique sur toile

30 x 40 cm


Prix :
100 < 500€

Puturlu Jukurrpa

Puturlu Jukurrpa (black kite – Milvus migrans Dreaming) is centred on the Katurtu (Mount Dennison) area.

This painting concerns a parlupurla ancestral hero who lived there. Purlapurla files high in the sky like the Warlawurru (wedge-tailled eagle) and perches in the top of trees. The story relates an incident where he had injured his legs and was flying up and down. In paintings of this Jukurrpa often the hero is indicated by a vertical line or lines in the painting.

The Purlapurla Jukurrpa belongs to the Nungarrayi/Napaljarri women and to the Jungarrayi/Japaljarri men.