Tingari Cycle

Walter Jangala Brown

Acrylique sur toile

30 x 30 cm


Prix :
100 < 500€

Tingari Cycle

This painting depicts a portion of the Tingari cycle, a very important collection of Dreaming narratives from the Western Desert Region. The country that this painting depicts is located far to the west of Yuendumu, and spans a vast area of land across the Gibson and Great Sandy Deserts in Western Australia Aboriginal foups that paint the Tingari Cycle include the Pintupi, Kukatja, Ngarti, and Walmajarri peoples, among others.

THe Tingari cycle consist of three major Dreaming tracks. One begins west of Jupiter Welle and eventually runs due east, concluding south-east of Lake Mackay; another heads south-west from near Kintore for some 200km, and then doubles back to end at Lake Macdonald; the third runs from south to north through Docker River and Kintore.